Why Phi

Transactions → Identity

lies at the heart of social networks, essentially responding to the question "Who are you?" Based on this, you can socialize, build your social graph, and engage with digital content. With the rise of the decentralized internet, we’re entering a whole new era of digital identity.

In web3, onchain transactions are the building blocks for your onchain identity. Unlike web2, these transactions emerge as a distinct and openly accessible dataset for everyone.

However, there's no dedicated platform for crafting an onchain persona that encapsulates both your past and present. We are limited by dashboards that show your current onchain status and this is not enough.

Our mission is to give you as much freedom as possible to shape, express, and share your onchain identity from your onchain footprints. Phi aims to unlock the social and financial benefits inherent in your onchain identity, enhancing your presence within the decentralized internet.

Our Journey

Phi embarked on its journey in January 2021, driven by a question: How can users uniquely their onchain identity?

This led to the creation of Phi Land, a social metaverse that visualizes onchain activities on ENS in a visually captivating format designed by eBoy, a world-class pixel artist and also co-founder of Nouns DAO. As you know, Phi Land allows users to claim adorable NFTs based on their onchain transactions, and build their #philand🏝 to showcase their identity.


Over the last year, Phi Land has gained significant traction:

  • Over 4.1 million Phi NFTs were minted.
  • Engaged more than 296k+ unique users (including over 163k+ unique wallets).
  • Collaborated with 65+ protocols

Our team is pleased to see many people sharing their #philand🏝 on the timeline. The goal was to visualize onchain transaction data uniquely. In this vision, users would utilize PhiLand as their onchain profile, creating a seamless connection between their digital identity and blockchain interactions.

This approach not only personalizes the blockchain experience but also integrates it into a broader social context, bridging the gap between transactional data and personal expression.

While PhiLand has successfully achieved its initial goals, we're eager to expand and enhance your experience even further!

Introducing Phi Protocol

Phi Protocol → Decentralized Credential Protocol

We’re entering our new chapter with Phi Protocol, an open credentialing protocol for onchain identity. We’re working on our vision not as one dApp, but as an ecosystem built on Phi Protocol.

In contrast to Phi Land, where the decision of what onchain activities to visualize was made by the Phi team and Partner Protocol team, Phi Protocol empowers anyone to create any ‘’ that is meaningful to individuals or communities.

While eBoy’s artwork is amazing on Phi Land, Phi Protocol allows for a variety of content visuals and formats that express Creds. Content can be anything you want: artwork (2D, 3D, pixel, and others), pictures, GIFs, movies, text, scores, in-game objects, attestations, and more.

This shift opens up endless possibilities, making the process permissionless and inspiring personal creativity in the realm of onchain credentials. Through Phi Protocol, we aim to empower you to fully express yourself onchain.

Reclaim the sovereignty of your identity

Phi Protocol heralds a paradigm shift. Unlike traditional credentialing platforms, our protocol is a fully community-driven credential system dedicated to onchain identity.

is the architect of our vision and every person’s unique identity is our goal. With Phi Protocol, we say bye to quests and tasks, and welcome in credentials. Just like your self-custodial wallet, Phi Protocol empowers you to reclaim your onchain sovereignty, allowing you to decide how you express yourself onchain.

Build together, thrive together

Community → Not only ‘Collectors’ but also ‘Creators’

Through Phi Protocol, curators, artists, developers, and you – our valued community members are all encouraged to join and enrich the spectrum of identity expression on the decentralized internet. Each of you is an essential part of Phi and we’ll be providing massive support for you to thrive together.


We also are striving to create an awesome experience as the application layer leading the Phi community. You will be able to experience Phi Protocol on “”, a dApp that makes it easy for users to showcase and share Phi Cred NFTs in a variety of exciting formats and contexts. The Board will be launching alongside our mainnet launch.

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